Shawanna Jones

Cleaning Technician

Shawnna started cleaning apartments right out of high school in 2001. She started by cleaning commons areas and vacant apartments. She also helped the elderly community by cleaning their homes on a regular basis. In 2004 she went to Iowa State University for their Early Childhood Education program. While going to college she worked cleaning hotel rooms. When she graduated, she moved back to the Cedar Rapids/Marion area and started working for Head Start, there she started as an assistant and was cleaning up daily messes and moved up to a lead teacher position. When she started her own family, she cleaned up after them, as a mom does. After years of teaching, she decided to start a career in manufacturing where she learned to build electrical boxes and even went into insurance after that. She has always had a love for cleaning so she came to FreedomREMI. She is enjoying keeping the common areas clean and looks forward to many more years!